AMS LIGHT MANUFACTURING is cost-effective, easy-to-use, and reliable tracking module for the manufacturing industry serving the aircraft sector. The AMS Light Manufacturing Module provides the capability to quickly track and manage inventory, the feasibility to create an unlimited number of work orders that cover the manufacturing, overhaul, or repair of components and greater traceability and control across various departments.

  • Create an unlimited number of work orders
  • Certify repaired and/or manufactured items
  • Connect invoices to any work order
  • Easily track inventory activities and other related costs
  • And much more!


AMS Light Manufacturing Module creates an unlimited number of work orders that cover the complete manufacturing of an aircraft component or engine. This module will also create work orders for overhaul or repair of components, should your organization also offer maintenance and repair services.

AMS Light Manufacturing allows a direct link with the Inventory Manager designed to monitor inventory levels in real time as well as manage inventory in multiple warehouses.

  • Convert customer sales orders into work orders.
  • Create work orders for a variety of jobs, including repair and maintenance.
  • Build unlimited work orders and bills of materials.
  • Estimate final costs for components for efficient client relations.
  • Print invoices, packing slips and job cards.

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