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    We tried the program with the new updates. They are very good. They added details that make the program even more efficient. Sgt Lebeau and I are very happy with this upgrade. Once again, a very good purchase that continuously self-improves!!!

    Major Mario DeslandresAircraft Maintenance Engineering Chief
    Regional Cadet Support Unit East

    (…)The system works well in helping us manage a small fleet of aircraft in multiple locations. The ability to review current information on demand for any aircraft is invaluable. The software is highly intuitive and easy to use. On a workload basis, the time savings are readily apparent. Also, I am pleased and impressed with the amount of controls engineered into the software which help capture and prevent data entry errors.

    The staff at AMS is incredible and their dedication to supporting their customers is second to none. Any issues which may arise are quickly and effectively resolved through a single telephone call. The training was in-depth, well taught, and highly beneficial. The most important thing from my experience was to just start using the system as it really is; very self-explanatory. In closing, I wish to extend a big “Thank you” to everyone at AMS for offering a product which enhances our safety, oversight, compliance, and budgetary needs. Well done!
    John T. EichelDirector of Maintenance
    West Michigan Air Care, Inc.

    We operate 160 aircraft over multiple bases of operations. AMS has allowed us to have complete maintenance and logistics information at all these locations just by turning on a laptop. (…)

    Doug LadouceurDirector of Technical Airworthiness and Quality Assurance
    Discovery Air
    The new Aircraft Maintenance Manager release v21.0 is the best and most solid product we have seen from AMS to date! The new interface is clean and more easy to use. The new features that let us track malfunction codes and maintenance actions taken are exactly what we need to find our most troublesome parts. Under the hood, the MySQL engine update has greatly improved our ability to maintain our database. Even the installation process is streamlined and improved from previous versions. The AMS team did a terrific job on this update!
    Blaise BurgmanPresident
    PanoStat, LLC

    On behalf of SES, we are truly impressed and satisfied with the level of service and expertise AMS team continues to provide. Thank you and keep up the good work. I look forward to many future partnerships between us.

    Ken CrossleyProgram Manager
    Science & Engineering Services, LLC

    You rock as usual.thanks.The system has been much faster and pretty stable. Everyone likes the Logo too…thanks again.

    Paul ShoughPresident Bemidji
    Aviation Services Inc.

    We went from a home built system to AMS. It is fairly easy to use. Very robust, no issues that have stopped us from releasing aircraft. Like that it isn’t in the cloud so if internet down we can still have access.

    Jeff A.DOM

    Easy to use. Ties maintenance and inventory very nicely together. Product support is very good, with the availability of online assistance.

    Shaune L.Aircraft Maintenance

    Comprehensive task management, the ability to manage parts directly on the WR.

    Maurizio G.Accountable Manager
    For us, one of the highpoints of AMS is to have been developed by and for the Maintenance Organization. Our relationship has been very professional over the last years, and the AMS team was ever attentive to our needs all the time. Despite the geographical distance, Helipark is very pleased with the level and quality of support from AMS. Today, we feel Helipark had a great evolution in terms of customer satisfaction that before using AMS software. We truly believe that AMS is on the right path to success.
    Leonel L.Quality Manager

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    Operators/CAMO, MROs, maintenance shops organizations within the General and Business Aviation, Commercial Aviation Industry and Military are relying on us to ensure minimum A/C downtime, streamline maintenance processes and increase staff productivity.

    We have a solution that is tailored to your operations and fleet, whether you manage fixed-wing, rotary-wing or a mix fleet of any size!

    AMS also offers a wide range of professional services; consulting, training, migration services, IT expertise, features customization and responsive customer care to make sure you get the most out of your maintenance tracking system!

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